Frankies Puppy Academy is committed to giving your puppy the best possible start to life. To help them on their way, Frankies Puppy Academy incorporates key objectives to ensure your puppy excels through to adulthood.

Our 5 Steps To Pawfect Pups

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1. Socialisation

It is vital puppies socialise as soon as possible. We have a specially designed area for the Puppy Academy in which they can engage in safe puppy play, where they will be monitored and controlled by a dedicated puppy handler.

Socialisation is key for puppy confidence; at Frankies, we socialise your pups in a guided manner that ensures all experiences are fun and exciting. When we are comfortable with your pups development, we will gradually introduce them to the other dogs and experiences. We are confident that our academy is the safest and best way to socialise your dogs, getting them ready for the wider world.

2. Observe

Frankies Puppy Academy have dedicated handlers who monitor and supervise their entire day. We observe their behaviours continuously to ensure that their development is progressing correctly.

We encourage two way communication at puppy stage with owners, many puppies attend evening training classes and it’s great to know which stage they are at so we can incorporate their training into their daycare structure.

3. Attention

We pay constant attention to the needs of your puppy whilst they are at the academy. Whilst rich environment and stimulation for puppies are essential, we also pay close attention to when your pup needs some much needed rest in our dedicated indoor area. We also provide lunchtime feeds, ensuring they keep to their dietary requirements.

4. Routine

Puppies thrive on routine. Developing a schedule is essential to ensure your pup stays healthy and establishes good behavioural patterns.

At Frankies Puppy Academy we can collect your puppy at a scheduled time in the puppy taxi or you can drop them off from 7.30 am. We recommend your pup has some alone time when you leave for work, enabling them to develop some key solo time skills, which combats separation related behaviours (recommended by the RSPCA).

Frankies Puppy Academy structures their day based on correct play, mental stimulation activities, human/dog interactions, rest time, feeding times & basic command training. Establishing early routines will ensure that your bundle of joy grows up to be the best dog they can be.

5. Training

Frankies Puppy Academy is dedicated to puppy training. Rules are essential for all pups, our training at Frankies is based on positive reinforcement, simply put, rewarding the good behaviours and ignoring the naughty. Training takes place from the moment that we pick up your pup, getting them familiar with people entering the home, walking on the lead & introductions to transport, right through until they are dropped back home.

Basic commands, corrective play, discovering their surroundings in a safe environment and confidence building skills are just a few areas your Pup will experience whilst at the Academy.

Your Pups Typical Day...



Rise and Shine!

We open at 7:30am. Puppies will arrive and be shown to their puppy play area for the day!


Polite Play

As puppies join the group, play is closely monitored; emphasising polite interactions, balanced play and building confidence.


Toy Time!

Toys are introduced to the group to stimulate curiosity; emphasis on sharing and cooperating.

10:30am – 12pm

Cuddle Time

We lower the energy of the group using nose work and encourage the pups to relax on cozy blankets and beds or in their own little teepees.


12pm – 2pm

Lunch & Polite Play

Pups will be rotated out for lunches. The group enjoys calm, polite play time while we introduce some desensitisation elements.

2pm – 3:30pm

Enrichment Time!

Areas will be rearranged, encouraging exploration. Pups will play games testing patience, obedience and recall.


Some Sweet Goodbyes

As pups begin leaving, the remaining group will practice gate etiquette and play more brain games. Puppies will also enjoy some brushing and basic groom desensitisation.


Good Night!

What a day! A full day of the Puppy Play Program will ensure your fur-baby returns home physically and mentally exercised. Follow up with your own home training, enjoy a cuddle and a good night’s sleep!

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